Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 



Day 3 Supplies:

Your Mandala

Oil Paints:
Raw Umber (any brand)
Titanium White (Williamsburg preferably)
Your mixed value series

You will only be using brights during this part of the Mandala.  I only had 3 bright brushes to work with (1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" Wash/Shaders).  I recommend having a couple of smaller brights as it will help getting into the corners.

T-shirt rags
Palette (round or square - whichever you prefer) or
Palette Paper (grey - not white)
Vegetable oil for cleaning brushes


Mandala Shading (cont'd)

Shading:  Outer edge of the smaller 3 circles

So today I got to move onto the next part of the mandala.  The process is very similar only instead of starting in the corners with the white, I had to start in the middle.  This, of course is after I laid down my mid-tone on each side of the crescent shape - careful to leave a small area to start with the raw umber in the corners and white in the center.

Next I went in with the white in the center of the crescent shape using an arching motion on each side...

In the image you can see the banding that appears.  This tends to blend in when I lay down my 2nd and 3rd tones.  Any banding that remains I can blend with a dry brush.  Next, I put in my Raw Umber and blended...

Here is the end result....  The process repeats until all three crescents are done.

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