Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 6 



Day 6 Supplies:

Your Mandala

Oil Paints:
Yellow Ocher
Cadmium Red Light
Ivory Black
Titanium White (Williamsburg preferably)
Your mixed value series

1/8" to 3/4" brights series

T-shirt rags
Palette (round or square - whichever you prefer) or
Palette Paper (grey - not white)
Vegetable oil for cleaning brushes


Adding Color:  Yellow

Finally I am ready to apply what I learned in the color workshop to my Mandala.  It's not necessary to take the color workshop to do this, but I found it very helpful when I was mixing my colors.  This value series is more complex than our grayscale with just raw umber and white.  I am mixing cad red light and ivory black to yellow ocher in order to get the darks.  If I just mixed the yellow ocher with the ivory black I would end up with a green as the ivory black has a bluish hue.  So I add cad red light to keep it neutral.  I kept my midtone as pure yellow ocher and added white to it to get my light series.

Just like with the previous steps, I started with my midtone, yellow ocher - laying it down right on top of my grayscale.  Then, since my colors were already mixed, it was easy to just add the lights and darks as I did before.

I also used the yellow ocher in the outer crescent to fill out the circle...

On a different note...

We got two new students in class tonight.  It seems the more people we have the more fun it is in class.  They are just now starting the Mandala.  I am no-longer the newbie.  But I have to pick up my pace or they will catch up with me.

I am also the first person to apply this Zorn palette to the mandala project here.  It's a little intimidating as I have nothing to compare it to.  I have no idea what this is supposed to look like if I do it correctly.   

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